• Premium Cookies

    Premium Ingredients

    Sourcing highest quality ingredients to creative unique and natural flavors. Ridiculously delicious, each bite taste like home.

  • Gluten free cookies

    Vegan & Guten-Free (Optional)

    Our perfectly balanced flavor profiles leave you wanting more...dough. We spent months creating the perfect dough (not heavy sugar dough) butter cookie - sugar, butter, vanilla and artesanal flour.

  • Miami Cookies

    Our Process

    Baked, locally delivered & shipped with smiles on the same day. Baked fresh every week, molding process made by hand mixed - soft and delicate dough - Shipping day order is received or next day.

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Miami Cookies

Corporate Gifts

A cookie is worth a thousand words. Whether you’re getting your foot in the door with a new client or celebrating employee birthdays, cookies are a great way to spread the love and take gifting off your plate.

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