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Partnered Charity Founder’s Message

Hello fellow dog lover!

Every year the ranch grows and every year we save more lives because of your incredible support. In fact we have now rescued more than 37,000 dogs and united countless families with their new forever friends.

With our growth we have become a global voice for the protection and proper treatment of dogs. Media coverage of our rescue of Miracle, the dog trapped beneath hurricane debris in the Bahamas, allowed us to spread the word that the Bahamas animals were in desperate need of help to millions of TV, magazine, newspaper and internet viewers around the globe.

From the Oval office in the White House I participated in a Presidential signing of the first U.S. law that makes animal abuse a federal crime. While there I personally asked the President to help us end the horrible China meat trade, an industry which commits untold atrocities each day.

In fact Big Dog Ranch Rescue sends teams to China on a regular basis to bring back precious lives that had been earmarked for slaughter houses. Our system of photographing dogs and creating their biographies in Asia prior to flying them here means that many are already adopted prior to their arrival. In addition, many breeds not readily available from the states find loving homes with families who have made specific requests.

As you can imagine this important work highlighting global animal abuse as well as deployment of rescue teams to disaster areas to feed family pets and rescue endangered shelter dogs comes at a cost. But the work we do is amplified as more and more people become aware of the issues and the real need to help a neighbor following a disaster who can barely feed their family let alone a much beloved pet.

We also believe in giving back to our community through education and support. From a new Veteran Service Dog Program to visits to nursing homes, from teaching the importance of spay neutering to the next generation to helping seniors care for their pets when they are unable, Big Dog Ranch Rescue is here for our neighbors.

I hope you will continue to “adopt” Big Dog Ranch Rescue as your most important charity and that you will tell your friends about our mission. Your financial support allows us to continue daily operations and to shelter, heal and feed 500 dogs and 100 puppies each day. Please insure we can continue to save these precious dogs by donating now or signing up for a monthly sponsorship to help us meet daily operational costs as the largest cage-free, no-kill rescue in the United States. I hope you will visit us and volunteer, foster or adopt.

Dog rescue is a 24/7 calling. We won’t rest until every dog has a loving family and we end dog homelessness forever.




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